HK Audio Lab.Gruppen PLM5K44 5000W amplifier

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5,000 Watt Amplifier with 4 Flexible Output Channels, LAKE Digital Signal Processing and Digital Audio Networking for Touring Applications

  • 5,000 Watt amplifier with 4 flexible output channels and up to 2,000 Watts channel output for touring applications
  • LAKE digital signal processing for unparalleled loudspeaker management and system control
  • Integrated 8x8 channels of dual redundant Dante* digital audio networking with AES67 support
  • 4 x 900 Watts into 2 Ohms, 4 x 1,250 Watts into 2.67 Ohms, 4 x 1,250 Watts into 4 Ohms, 4 x 1,250 Watts into 8 Ohms, 4 x 700 Watts into 16 Ohms
  • Proven and reliable IDEEA output stage with high-efficiency cooling system
  • Rational Power Management (RPM) provides total flexibility to allocate available power across all 4 output channels
  • Best-in-class Power Factor Correction (PFC) with Current Draw Modeling reduces running costs and minimizes environmental impact
  • Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL) for continued operation during severe mains supply voltage drops
  • Dedicated on-board surveillance and load monitoring for complete peace of mind
  • Redundant audio inputs and on-board system surveillance for full system security
  • Backlit, white-on-black front panel display and menu navigation buttons                        
  • 100 user presets for simple and efficient system configuration and set-up
  • Front-to-rear airflow fans with temperature control for optimal speed and reduced noise
  • 4 “LAKE Class” analog input channels with Iso-Float ground isolation
  • 4 input channels of AES/EBU (AES3) digital audio supporting all standard sample rates up to 192 kHz with 24-bit resolution
  • 2 Neutrik etherCON* RJ-45 ports provide dual redundant Dante interfaces and remote configuration via LAKE Controller and Dante Controller software 
  • Balanced analog and AES/EBU audio inputs on Neutrik* XLR connectors
  • 4 NL4 Neutrik speakON* and 4 binding post output connectors
  • Detachable locking IEC cable rated at 250 V / 15 Amp
  • Removable dust filter grilles for increased air circulation
  • Rugged 2U rackmount chassis for durability in touring applications
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Sweden


Building on the best-selling PLM+ Series, the PLM 5K44 offers up to 4 x 1,250 Watts output power, a multitude of processing power, and a host of additional features designed to provide real world benefits – all at a price point that makes owning them more affordable than ever. Features such as: LAKE Digital Signal Processing; Dante Digital Audio Networking; plus a touring technology first – Rational Power Management (RPM), a proprietary innovation that rationalises power allocation between channels for optimised performance. As with previous generations, the PLM 5K44 provides redundant audio inputs and load monitoring, plus the multi-channel performance that adds flexibility across the user’s entire loudspeaker inventory. The PLM 5K44 makes any production lifecycle easier to specify, smoother to run, and more efficient to control and monitor at the system design stage, during the show – and right through to final load out.

Four Channels – 5,000 Watts

The PLM 5K44 power amplifier packs 5,000 Watts: 4 x 900 Watts @ 2 Ohms; 4 x 1,250 Watts @ 2.67 Ohms; 4 x 1,250 Watts @ 4 Ohms;

4 x 1,250 Watts @ 8 Ohms, 4 x 700 Watts @ 16 Ohms, into a lightweight (25.1 lbs / 11.4 kg), 2U rack-mountable chassis. Plus, the built-in LAKE DSP ensures the ultimate signal integrity across an extremely broad dynamic range (> 112 dB). PLM 5K44’s proven and reliable IDEEA output stage accompanied with an advanced power supply that provides best-in-class Power Factor Correction (PFC) with Current Draw Modeling, reducing running costs and minimising environmental impact.

Legendary LAKE DSP

The onboard, full-featured LAKE processor provides virtually-effortless group control via its Raised Cosine MESA EQ asymmetric filters – so it can match the response of virtually any loudspeaker system. The included LAKE Controller software provides a unified interface for control and comprehensive monitoring of both amplifier status and connected loudspeaker loads. Optimized for a wireless tablet PC, LAKE Controller is easy and intuitive to operate, with the “feel” of real-time analog faders and controls. LAKE processing also offers classical crossovers (selectable up to 48 dB per octave), FIR (finite impulse response), as well as linear-phase crossovers that are capable of slopes exceeding 180 dB per octave for even greater control.

Dante Digital Audio Network

PLM 5K44 is equipped with Dante, a self-configuring digital audio networking solution from Audinate, based on the newest developments in networking technology. Dante provides reliable, sample-accurate audio distribution over Ethernet with extremely low latency. Dante incorporates Zen, which opens communication between the PLM 5K44 and all other Dante-enabled devices on the network – and automatically configures them. PLM 5K44 seamlessly incorporates any of the eight available Dante input channels into the LAKE Modules, while simultaneously transmitting eight unprocessed Dante channels onto the network. PLM 5K44 supports Dual Redundant Dante with dual networks for insurance against cable or switch faults, as well as multiple inputs for sender redundancy through the automatic failover routers.

Rational Power Management (RPM)

On top of the outstanding performance you have come to expect from a PLM+, the PLM 5K44 also contains Rational Power Management (RPM), a proprietary LAB GRUPPEN technology that gives system designers and techs unprecedented freedom to allocate the output power available among the four channels for optimal performance with specific load conditions. RPM provides the unique opportunity to scale a channel up from its average quarter, to a maximum of 2,000 Watts to match the requirements of a power-hungry low frequency driver – but still have available power for the other channels. This helps to minimize equipment costs, reduce rack space and improve long-term energy efficiency – all without compromising performance.

Mains Management

The PLM 5K44 has a universal regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) that can connect to any mains suply in the world, and reliably deliver full power despite fluctuations in the mains supply. The built-in Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL) algorithm prevents the breaker from tripping by modelling the breaker’s temperature using configurable breaker profiles, nominal current, and controlling the mains draw to maintain safe limits. While the Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL) allows continued operation despite severe voltage drops. The design also incorporates best-in-class Power Factor Correction (PFC) to reduce peak current draw from the mains. Additionally, internal energy storage and design-inherent rail regulation maintains stable rail voltages during extended bursts, so extreme low-frequency beats cannot adversely affect mid- and high-frequency headroom.

Green CAFÉ & RPM Credentials

PLM 5K44 can be configured and monitored using LAB GRUPPEN’s CAFÉ (Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment) software suite. In addition to providing comprehensive system surveillance and configuration of RPM and other amplifier features, CAFÉ also provides for a lower carbon footprint. When used in conjunction with RPM, CAFÉ can accurately predict estimations of average mains current draw and generated heat in BTU, based on the true SPL and speaker requirements of the individual loads for a given system. The end result is precise mains management and thermal control, which allows for more accurate (vs. over-specified) provision of mains distribution, cabling and cooling. This technology suite reduces lifetime running costs, minimizes environmental impact, and reduces demands on generators.

Front Panel Interface

Serving as the local control center for the PLM 5K44, an intuitive, menu-driven interface allows quick access to key functions via the moisture-resistant silicone touchpad. Information is clearly displayed on the daylight-readable, 2.5" backlit LCD panel. The soft-button keypad and precision rotary encoder provide control of processing, amplification functions, onboard system surveillance, and can be locked for full system security. This is also where you can access the 100 available user-defined presets, which is convenient for switching between speakers systems.

The Show Must Go On!

PLM 5K44 amplifiers feature a four-fan, front-to-rear airflow, temperature controlled cooling system, allowing high continuous output levels – without any of the typical thermal issues common with competing products. Additionally, a full protection suite includes thermal “show-must-go-on” and excessive average current limiting, plus protection against short circuit; sustained VHF (Very High Frequency); DC; and current-clip limiting.


Common connectors include: 4 x “LAKE Class” analog inputs across 4 x XLR-F connectors with switchable Iso-Float; 4 channels of AES/EBU digital audio that support all standard sample rates up to 192 kHz with 24-bit resolution across 2 x XLR-F connectors;

2 x etherCON for dual redundant Dante interfaces and remote configuration via LAKE Controller and other softwares; plus both independent binding posts and speakON connectors (4x NLT4) for the outputs. A 15 amp locking IEC socket is provided for PLM 5K44's mains supply. The input section (inputs, input router and input mixer) allows for mixing capabilities, as well as redundant and prioritized inputs with automatic switch-over in case of signal failure. Each power output channel provides individual channel processing, including ISVPL limiter, RPM and load monitoring.

Proven Technologies

Setting the new benchmark for loudspeaker management systems, the PLM 5K44 combines four channels of amplification with unrivalled LAKE signal processing and audio management for complete integration with all compatible devices, plus provides unique functions not typically found in other amplifier and DSP “combined” platforms. Reliability, durability, sound quality, and pure power remain the fundamentals for any touring amplifier – and the PLM 5K44 rigorously maintains LAB GRUPPEN’s industry-leading reputation.



  • Processing / Network: Lake / Dante
  • Number of amplifier channels: 4
  • Total burst power all channels (share among channels with RPM): 5000 W

Max output power (all channels driven)

  • 2 ohms: 900 W
  • 2.67 ohms: 1250 W
  • 4 ohms: 1250 W
  • 8 ohms: 1250 W
  • 16 ohms: 700 W
  • Hi-Z 70 V: 1300 W
  • Hi-Z 100 V: 1250 W

Max output power single channel1

  • 2 ohms: 900 W
  • 2.67 ohms: 1250 W
  • 4 ohms: 1750 W
  • 8 ohms: 1350 W
  • 16 ohms: 700 W
  • Hi-Z 70 V: 1450 W
  • Hi-Z 100 V: 2000 W

Amplifier output modules (all models, all channels)

  • Peak output voltage: 150 V
  • Max. output current: 30 A

Audio Performance (Amplifier platform with digital input)

  • THD + N 20 Hz - 20 kHz for 1 W: < 0.05 %
  • THD + N at 1 kHz and 1 dB below clipping: < 0.04 %
  • Dynamic range: > 112 dB
  • Channel separation (Crosstalk) at 1 kHz: > 70 dB
  • Frequency response (1 W into 8 Ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz): +/- 0.05 dB
  • Internal Sample Rate / Data path: 96 kHz / 32 bit floating point
  • Product propagation delay AES 96 kHz / analog input: 1.61 / 1.68 ms

Measurement & Analysis

  • Pilot tone generation and analysis: Yes
  • Load impedance analysis: Yes
  • Real Time Analyzer (RTA), 3rd party integration: Yes

Dante Audio Network

  • Dante I/O: 8 x 8
  • Network topology / redundancy: Flexible topology / Supports daisy-chained and Dual redundant networks
  • Sample Rates / Transport: 48, 96 kHz / Uni + Multicast
  • Network latency: 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 ms

Device presets

  • Local memory locations for the settings of the product: 100

AES Inputs

  • Inputs: 4 AES inputs
  • Supported sample rates / resolution: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz / up to 24 bits
  • Sample rate conversion THD+N 20 Hz - 20 kHz unweighted: 0.0000003

Analog Inputs

  • Inputs: 4 high quality inputs with Iso-Float ground isolation
  • Maximum input / digital reference: +26 dBu / +21 dBu
  • Sampling rate / Resolution: 96 kHz / 24 bit
  • Input impedance balanced / unbalanced: 20 / 10 kOhm
  • THD+N (typical at 1 kHz unweighted): 0.0000022
  • THD+N (typical at 20 Hz and 20 kHz unweighted): 0.0000033


  • Adjustable Inter-Sample Voltage Peak Limiter (ISVPL): 17.8 - 150 V, step size 0.1 V
  • Current Peak Limiter < 300 ms: 30 A peak
  • Current Average Limiter (CAL) > 300 ms: 15 Arms
  • MaxRMS (rms voltage limiter): Yes
  • MaxPeak (peak voltage limiter): Yes


  • Rack rail to rear panel:W: 483 mm (19"), H: 88 mm (2 U), D: 424 mm (16")
  • Overall depth front-rear support: D: 498 mm (19.6")


  • Weight: 11,4 kg


  • Finish: Black painted steel chassis with black painted steel / aluminum front


  • Approvals: CE, ANSI / UL 60065 (ETL), CSA C22.2 NO. 60065, PSE, RCM, FCC and CCC

Package includes:

  • Lab Gruppen PLM 5K44 5000W amplifier x1

  • Racki mounting brackets x2
  • Power cord x1

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