Holm Pank Liisi hire purchase

Liisi hire purchase

Liisi hire purchase will help you to purchase the necessary goods. With hire purchase, you do not have to pay for the purchase immediately, but you can spread the payments over a longer period. All citizens of the Republic of Estonia who are at least 18 years of age or have a permanent residence permit in Estonia may apply for installment payment.

Add the products to the shopping cart. Select Liisi as the payment method. Select the contractual term, the down payment amount, and the repayment date. Sign with your ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.

The financial services provider is Holm Bank AS. Review the terms and conditions of the contract and consult an expert. The annual percentage rate of charge is 37,83% on the following sample conditions – cost of goods/loan amount: €419; contractual fee: €14,90; repayment period: 12 months; fixed interest rate: 14.9% of loan amount per annum; total amount payable: €496,33; net repayments: €496,33; number of repayments: 12.

For additional information, contact us on working days, 10:00 - 18:00, by phone at +372 6728 280 or by e-mail at progear@progear.ee.