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RCF VSA 2050 CUS erivärvi tellitav tulpkõlar

RCF VSA 2050‌ CUS on VSA seeria tulpkõlar, mille uuenduslik tehnoloogia võimaldab kõlari helisignaali digitaalselt suunata. Tulpkõlari kõikide integreeritud elementide helisignaalid on vertikaalselt suunatavad, võimaldades vähendada halva akustikaga ruumides ebavajalikke helipeegeldusi. RCF VSA 2050-l on integreeritud heliprotsessor (48kHz 32-bit DSP) ning 20x 3.5" full range kõlarit, mis võimaldavad suunata heli kuni 30 meetri kaugusele. VSA 2050 CUS on innovaatiline lahendus nii auditooriumites, spordihallides, kirikutes ja teistes sarnastes seadistutes. Heli katvus horisontaalselt kuni 130°. Helisagedus: 100 - 18.000 Hz.

  • Erivärvi on kõlareid võimalik tellida 30-60 päevase etteteatamisega

VSA 2050

Digitally steerable sound column speaker

The VSA 2050 is a multi-amplified vertical steerable array that represents one of the latest RCF applications in terms of digital audio technology.

Thanks to powerful DSPs it processes the audio signal sent to each speaker for controlling its vertical acoustic dispersion to address the audio signal exactly to the listening area, avoiding to send the acoustic energy to ceilings and empty floors, thus not introducing bad reflections that would affect speech intelligibility, mainly in critical environments with high reverberation time.

Superb quality, control and reliability

VSA 2050 allows to address the audio signal exactly to the listening area, avoiding to send the acoustic energy to ceilings and empty floors, thus not introducing bad reflections that would affect speech intelligibility, mainly in critical environments with high reverberation time.

The target we aimed at when designing the VSA 2050 was to offer voice directivity and control over all the voice range, to give high intelligibility performance with wide frequency response and high dynamics and coherence at distance. We’ve been able to reach this goal thanks to the length of the column, the number and size of the speakers, the choice to use a dedicated amplifier for each loudspeaker and other innovative details.

Tilting and beaming are not to be affected by the steering and the horizontal coverage is very wide and not impaired by discontinuities.

Thanks to the column power, the accurate speaker design and the high efficiency of the digital technology the VSA 2050 is able to obtain a very long coverage, up to 30 meters preserving a smooth uniform horizontal coverage as well.


  • 20 x Class D, 50 W amplifiiers
  • 96 dB Max SPL
  • 20 x 3.5" full range speakers
  • 48 kHz 32 bit processing
  • Horizontal dispersion 130°
  • Vertical dispersion controlled up to 10° till 300 Hz
  • Power supply 115/230 Vac (600VA); 24 V dc
  • Extruded aluminium body
  • Ceramic block terminals and thermal fuse on 0 dB balanced priority input
  • Standard installation accessories included
  • Simple and quick set up
  • Indicators and control for EN 60849 monitoring facility


  • Intelligible audio transmission in critical acoustical environments
  • Transportation halls
  • Sports arenas
  • Convention centres
  • Conference halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Houses of worship


  • Frequency Response: 100 - 18.000 Hz
  • Max SPL: 96 dB (A-weighted at 30 m)
  • Horizontal coverage angle: 130 °
  • Vertical coverage angle: selectable from 10° to 30°
  • Vertical steering angle: selectable from 0° to -40°
  • Directivity control frequency: from 150 Hz
  • Transducers: 20 x 3.5" full-range speakers
  • Input sensitivity: 0 dBu, digitally controlled
  • Input connectors: balanced screw terminal, balanced screw terminal ceramic block
  • Input control: remote control dedicated IR input, priority input command, status remote monitoring, stand by remote command
  • Input LEDS: active, communication, status, emergency
  • Processor: Texas Instruments TMS320C6726 32 bit floating point dsp Xilinx Spartan3A FPGA, BurrBrown A/D PCM 4202 24 bit 48 kHz 118 dB S/N ratio
  • Processor operations:20 channel PEQS, compression, beam-forming, speaker limiter and protection
  • Amplifiers: 20 x Class D, 50 W
  • Amplifiers protections: short circuit, thermal
  • Power supply: 500 W switching type
  • Power supply & connectors: 115/230 Vac-VDE connector, 24 V DC back-up ceramic terminal block
  • Mõõtmed: 2070mm x 125mm x 97mm
  • Kaal: 19 kg
  • Cabinet: powder coated aluminium extrusion
  • Hardware: 2 x speaker wall mounting flange
  • Configuration tool: remote control
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