Inbank payment methods

Inbank hire purchase

Private persons can pay for purchases made in the Progear online store using the Inbank financing solutions.

Inbank split into parts

Inbank allows you to pay for purchases in three equal parts, without any interest or service fees! First payment a month later!

Shopping is easy and fast

  • Basket total: 75 - 2500 EUR
  • Period: 3 months
  • Down payment: 0 EUR
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • Contract fee: 0 EUR
  • Management fee: 0 EUR

You will receive an answer to your request immediately.

Inbank hire purchase

Inbank's hire purchase allows you to turn a large one-time expenditure into smaller monthly expenses and pay for products and services in instalments. Take more time to pay and spread the expenses over up to 4 years. First payment a month later.

Advantages of Inbank hire purchase

  • Flexible solution for large expenses
  • You choose the instalment amount
  • You choose the instalment payment period
  • You choose the payment date
  • Response to an application within a minute

Financing terms

  • Financing amount: 150 - 10 000 EUR
  • Down payment from: 0 EUR
  • Contract management fee per month: 0,9 EUR (after the second instalment payment)
  • Contract fee: 15 EUR
  • Contract period: 6 - 48 months
  • Annual interest rate: 14,9% of the purchase sum
  • Due date for payment of monthly instalments: 12th day of the month

Ask about Inbank hire purchase by calling +372 6728 280 or by writing to

The cost rate of the Inbank hire purchase is 35.92% per annum under the following sample conditions: price of the object of the contract when paid immediately (net price) 1,000 euros, loan amount 1,000 euros, down payment 0 euros, contract period 12 months, annual fixed interest rate 14.9% of the purchase amount, contract fee 15 euros, monthly management fee 0.9 euros. Monthly fee total 97.92 euros. The total repayable loan amount is 1,175.02 euros. The financial service is provided by AS Inbank Finance. Before concluding the agreement, read the terms of the financial service and, if necessary, consult with a professional.

For additional information, contact us on working days, 10:00 - 18:00, by phone at +372 6728 280 or by e-mail at