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...comprises qualified experts who are fully equipped with numerous years of experience and comprehensive professional knowledge.
By tackling the diverse challenges in our field of expertise, our goal is to continuously develop and enhance our business.
We’re truly passionate about what we do, and strive to offer the best services to our clients in order to foster long-term, mutually rewarding relationships.
Progear - Our Team
Andreas Reinula Andreas Reinula
Andreas Reinula
Retail and e-commerce sales specialist
Karl-Erik Sepp Karl-Erik Sepp
Karl-Erik Sepp
Sound Installation Project Manager
Melari Vainola Melari Vainola
Melari Vainola
Lighting Installation Project Manager
Lauri Randma Lauri Randma
Lauri Randma
Business Sales Manager
Raivo Sinijärv Raivo Sinijärv
Raivo Sinijärv
Partner / Project Manager
Glenn Laanisto Glenn Laanisto
Glenn Laanisto
Heidi Thalfeldt Heidi Thalfeldt
Heidi Thalfeldt
Reigo-Silberg Reigo Silberg
Reigo Silberg
IT Manager
Taavi Laas Taavi Laas
Taavi Laas
Warehouse and Logistics Coordinator
Pille-Riin Randmaa
HR Manager
Mehis Laes
Installation Technician
Tanel Tammai
Progear Studio

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Founded in 2012 by true enthusiasts with a background in event production, Progear aims to increase the availability of professional sound and light, AV and stage equipment in the Baltic region. Read more
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