Returning old electronics, batteries and rechargeable accumulators

In accordance with the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Estonia No. 65 “Requirements and procedures for the collection, return to the manufacturer, and reuse or disposal of waste from electrical and electronic equipment, as well as target numbers and deadlines for achieving the target numbers”, we pay attention to the possibilities and rules for returning electronic scrap

Where can old electrical and electronic equipment (EES) be handed over?

If there is a special EES waste collection point within 10 km of the nearest EE equipment store, the waste must be taken there. If there is no collection point, EES waste can be taken to the nearest store that sells EE equipment. In this case, a device of the same type as the sold devices can be transferred even if a new device is not purchased.

You can bring the same type of device that the company sells to the Progear OÜ store.

Batteries, accumulators, chemicals and other hazardous household waste

We are obliged to take back batteries and accumulators at our point of sale for free, regardless of whether the user intends to buy a new battery or accumulator or not.

Hazardous waste must be taken to hazardous waste collection points, handed over during the hazardous waste collection round, or handed over to a company holding a hazardous waste handling permit.

The MTÜ EES-Ringlus has prepared an information sheet with relevant content, which has been compiled by county. The information sheet can be found on the website of the NGO EES-Ringlus, which lists electronic waste collection points by county. Electronic waste can be taken to collection points free of charge. All electronic waste collected at the collection points is directed to further handling and recycling in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the legislation.

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